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We’re a web design and marketing company based out of Fort Collins, CO, yet usually working in Denver and surrounding areas due to a developing client base. We have been operating under random media names since 1996, then stuck with GroundedGroup.com in 2003.

As you’ve probably gathered by now, we’re WordPress freaks, and basically built our business around this solid content management system. When I say “Group,” it’s pretty much just me, Justin House, and a seasoned programmer, although I usually state “we” so it’s grammatically correct with “Group.” Doesn’t get much nerdier than that, let me tell you…

We have a passion for helping people progress and prosper via the internet. This is achieved through developing websites around your main needs, then helping you promote your site via Google, FaceBook, Twitter, etc, as well as with Pay Per Click (PPC) ads on various high-traffic websites. Actually, I have no experience with Twitter and incredibly little with Google PPC ads, so probably best not investing your money with this particular service :/ Definitely do with FB ads though and other aforementioned areas.

Summary of Skills:

  • WordPress Specialists since 2006
  • 20 years web design & development
  • User-Interface Design since 1997
  • Rocking PhotoShop since 1996
  • HTML / CSS Experts since forever
  • Working with php since 1999
  • Using the internet since 1993
  • SEO and Marketing since 1997
  • VPS Management, DNS Experience
  • Dope DJ/Turntablist since 1999
  • Playing Tankdrums since 2007
  • Entrepreneur since I was a fetus