Sustainable Living Real Estate

This was one of my first WordPress real estate websites, built on theme I started developing in late 2006. The client can manage their pages, posts, properties, as well as add listing photos and videos, list downloadable PDFs, etc.

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Since development, we have turned his site it into a WordPress Multisite, which now allows the client to easily create “sub-sites” of their “parent site.” This is great for targeting specific markets/demographic areas, each with it’s own admin area, property management section, blog, and domain. And the client doesn’t have to know a lick of programming–it’s done behind the scenes, automatically. Moreover, all of the sub-sites are easy to update, even if you’re running thousands, or even millions of sites.  Fixes can be applied to all subs-sites, such as a broken footer, immediately across the board. It’s a very efficient way to launch and maintain several to numerous websites, if that’s your objective. Seriously. WordPress Multisite is amazingly powerful, and it’s something I’ve been really into since 2010.