NorthWest Real Estate

This was my very first WordPress real estate website, and one of my first clients (since 1997/98). It was a huge learning experience, as my client needed a simple way to add listings to their WordPress site; where they can easily enter data into desired fields, such as property Price, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, SQFT, Map, etc.

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At the time, we utilized a gallery plugin to upload and showcase the property photos per property, but this was a pain in the ass for the client. We’ve completely re-written the theme though, so now it’s all super simple and straightforward, centralizing the key features on one page. That’s our goal, keep it user-friendly and intuitive. So simple, and adult can use it 😉

Since upgrading their site to WordPress in 2007, they’ve held the top 1-3 ranking on Google for “Fort Collins Land,” which has brought them numerous leads. What good is a website if nobody can find it?