Sierra US

Okay, this is where our real estate theme changed, for the better.

Up until this point, I had been using plugins (about 5 or 6) for the Property Listing Management feature integrated into our real estate sites. Well, it wasn’t really a part of WordPress, it was its own code, non-native to WP. Consequently, this prevented our client from importing properties directly from an Excel Spreadsheet into their website. So, I completely re-wrote the property listing portion, then brought on an awesome programmer, also focused on WP since 2006, to help out with more features.

The end result…the client can quickly import all of their listings directly into their WordPress site, then manage them from there, or update from the spreadsheet. Either way. We’re using code that’s native to WordPress, so it’s meant to grow along with WP over the years. Also, now we’re not reliant on the aforementioned plugins, because some plugin developers abandon ship and thus stop working on their extension, which can pose serious security risks…open doors to hackers. Not good.