Okay, I’ve dealt with sooooo many web hosting companies over the years, and if I’ve learned anything, it’s do your research. I’ve purchased hosting plans simply because they were cheap and seemingly strong, but later learned many of these web hosts were seriously slow and/or lacked support. Or they get incredibly invasive with their advertising tactics, even utilizing Pop-up ads in the Control Panel (cPanel area) and otherwise annoying me and my clients. Consequently, I’ve had to switch hosts, which is obviously timely and just a pain in the ass.

Today I know my shit, and perform serious radical research before choosing a suitable host. Subsequently, I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I should provide hosting myself, because I know what my clients need. Moreover, I can be available to my customers directly, compared to dealing with some new jack every time you have a support issue. That said, I represent the best hosting solution available locally, but also recommend others that are well equipped in terms of hosting services.

The main criteria for finding a quality WordPress hosting company is that they do, indeed, focus on WordPress — not just say it. This is key if you want less website problems and conflict. The other obvious factors are stability, quick support, and very important…speed. Since Google uses website load times as part of their ranking factors (the slower your site loads, the lower your search rankings), you might want to spend the extra money and go with a quality web host. Cheap can be expensive.

GroundedGroup.com Hosting

Shameless shout out, we provide Colorado WordPress hosting services, email, and support. You deal directly with me, either via email or phone. Very focused on support, speed, and stability, with local help nearby for Fort Collins, Boulder, Denver and Rocky Mountain Colorado clients.


I use to despise GoDaddy.com as they were the slowest of WordPress hosts, in addition to being too aggressive with their sales summons to my clients. However, they’ve sped up and mellowed out over the years, respectively, and now I respect their services. In fact, they are pretty easy to deal with with and relatively cheap compared to other hosts, so often I refer their services to clients. Oh yeah, they’re very WordPress friendly, too.


AddAction.net specializes in providing peace-of-mind hosting solutions. Their support is solid and speedy, and my clients’ websites run pretty much error free, however, somewhat slow now. I’m in the process of migrating said clients to my hosting services, with servers that are seriously up-to-date and mad fast.