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Asphalt and Concrete Contractor Site

I recently launched this website for an Asphalt and Concrete contractor out of Loveland, Colorado. I revised their logo, created a new design for the site, then made it functional. As with my sites from [...]

Database Developer Website

This website was developed for a Denver client who focuses on Microsoft Access Database development. She purchased her domain ( way back in 1989, and had been using a Flash based website since the 1990's [...]

Original Character Site

I created this website for a local student very interested in Original Character stories and fictional art. Users can sign up and start posting stories, along with related characters. Visit Site:

Denver Siding and Roofing Company

This site was for a Eco Home Exteriors in Denver, a siding and roofing company. Since they are focused on siding, I used wood along the top, and metal for their badge/logo. It's all built [...]

Floral Art Website

Art of the Flower is the sister site to Boulder Blooms, the top florist in Boulder. I built their design and site around their logo and existing brand, all using PhotoShop, WordPress and WooCommerce.

Sustainable Living Real Estate

This was one of my first WordPress real estate websites, built on theme I started developing in late 2006. The client can manage their pages, posts, properties, as well as add listing photos and videos, [...]