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Auto Body Clips Website

I created this eCommerce website for a local Loveland customer focused on selling auto body clips and related automotive products. It includes a very extensive catalog system, with the ability to find and order multiple [...]

Bookkeeping Website

I just launched this website last week for a Colorado Bookkeeper, Peak Bookkeeping out of Fort Collins. Her original logo was a little rough, so I completely re-designed it, then created her website. I used [...]

Local Gym / Health Club Website

Under the direction of One Tribe Creative, an advertising firm I worked for awhile back, I built this site for one of their clients. OneTribe provided the design (User-Interface), then had me handle the web [...]

Boulder Blooms

Boulder Blooms is one of our first WooCommerce WordPress websites.  They can view orders, add products, check reports, list featured products on their homepage and sidebar, etc. It's a great great system and works seamlessly [...]

Local Dog Breeder

I really enjoyed creating this website, because the client gave me full reign to design it from start to finish. I wanted to make her look very professional and classy given she sells her Rosebud [...]

Essential Oils eCommerce site

I built this site around their company name, Aroma Planet Essential Oils. Basically, I wanted to create their own planet and galaxy, which I did from scratch, in efforts of creating something unique and thus [...]