Web Design Portfolio

Below are several WordPress websites created by GroundedGroup.com, most of which are Colorado based. Cities/areas served include: Fort Collins, Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Rocky Mountains, etc.

Local Church Website Revamp

Initially this website was created by another Fort Collins web design company, however, it looked very generic and unpleasing to the eye. So I redesigned [...]

Local Church Website Revamp 2018-10-09T01:41:19+00:00

Website for Cannabis Company

I absolutely love working on this website, especially since the client has a good budget which allows me to invest more time into details, subtle [...]

Website for Cannabis Company 2018-05-22T02:23:25+00:00

Rocky Mountain Remodeling Company

RMR is targeting high-end remodels and clients, so I designed the logo and overall site to reflect their focus and target audience, ideally attracting their [...]

Rocky Mountain Remodeling Company 2018-03-02T19:37:12+00:00

Book Club Website Creation

My Rock-n-Read, a Rock-n-Roll book club, is definitely one of the funnest sites I've ever designed and development. It gave me a chance to be [...]

Book Club Website Creation 2018-10-09T01:19:19+00:00

NorthWest Real Estate

This was my very first WordPress real estate website, and one of my first clients (since 1997/98). It was a huge learning experience, as my [...]

NorthWest Real Estate 2018-10-09T01:32:31+00:00

Body Clips Automotive Website

In efforts of maintaining the client's brand across his automotive eCommerce websites, I designed and created Car-Pak.com so it would contain similarities of his sister [...]

Body Clips Automotive Website 2018-05-22T01:59:35+00:00

Stump Removal Website Design

I created this website for a buddy of mine that I've known for ages. In addition to his admirable real estate portfolio, he owns Colorado [...]

Stump Removal Website Design 2018-05-22T02:16:26+00:00

Loveland Counseling Group

Another great and easy client to deal with, New Insights Counseling Group, based out of Loveland, CO. I designed the site around her logo, utilizing [...]

Loveland Counseling Group 2018-01-30T04:41:12+00:00

Eyelash and Beauty Bar Site

Another fun site to create, where I could design something elegant and colorful, then turn it into a functioning website. This is for a great [...]

Eyelash and Beauty Bar Site 2018-01-23T06:56:25+00:00