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Original Character Site

I created this website for a local student very interested in Original Character stories and fictional art. Users can sign up and start posting stories, [...]

Original Character Site 2017-01-01T01:43:48+00:00

Denver Siding and Roofing Company

This site was for a Eco Home Exteriors in Denver, a siding and roofing company. Since they are focused on siding, I used wood along [...]

Denver Siding and Roofing Company 2017-01-04T04:00:57+00:00

Floral Art Website

Art of the Flower is the sister site to Boulder Blooms, the top florist in Boulder. I built their design and site around their logo [...]

Floral Art Website 2017-01-04T04:03:23+00:00

Sustainable Living Real Estate

This was one of my first WordPress real estate websites, built on theme I started developing in late 2006. The client can manage their pages, [...]

Sustainable Living Real Estate 2017-12-27T21:03:53+00:00

Choice City Heating

This website utilizes our custom WordPress theme, with a portfolio feature built in to showcase their work. If you notice, we used warm and cool [...]

Choice City Heating 2017-12-27T21:03:54+00:00

Forever Flowers

This is the sister site to BoulderBlooms.com, maintaining the same brand, but giving it a subtle unique look. The client can add products to their [...]

Forever Flowers 2017-12-27T21:03:53+00:00

Wake People Up!

WakePeopleUp.com is a site dedicated to educating people about sex trafficking and how to minimize it. I conjured up the website idea as Gale Dashner, [...]

Wake People Up! 2017-12-27T21:03:53+00:00

Sierra US

Okay, this is where our real estate theme changed, for the better. Up until this point, I had been using plugins (about 5 or 6) [...]

Sierra US 2017-12-27T21:03:54+00:00

NorthWest Real Estate

This was my very first WordPress real estate website, and one of my first clients (since 1997/98). It was a huge learning experience, as my [...]

NorthWest Real Estate 2017-12-27T21:03:53+00:00

Trybz Martial Arts

Trybz Martial Arts 2017-01-03T22:56:13+00:00