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Local Dog Breeder

I really enjoyed creating this website, because the client gave me full reign to design it from start to finish. I wanted to make her [...]

Local Dog Breeder 2017-12-27T21:03:52+00:00

Essential Oils eCommerce site

I built this site around their company name, Aroma Planet Essential Oils. Basically, I wanted to create their own planet and galaxy, which I did [...]

Essential Oils eCommerce site 2017-12-27T21:03:53+00:00

Boulder Recycling Services

This is a WordPress website I created for a Boulder recycling service center. Like all my sites, clients can edit pages, upload photos, post Youtube [...]

Boulder Recycling Services 2017-12-27T21:03:52+00:00

Appliance Installation Company

This is a one page website, at the request of the client, for an appliance installation and dryer duct cleaning out of Eagle County, Colorado. [...]

Appliance Installation Company 2017-12-27T21:03:52+00:00

Tankdrum Website

Tankdrum.com had unique needs in that the client needed a custom catalog to showcase and sell his new musical instrument, the Tankdrum. Initially, he wanted [...]

Tankdrum Website 2017-12-27T21:03:54+00:00

Mexican Cuisine Restaurant

La Buena Vida is a new restaurant in south Fort Collins, created by Los Tarascos...all family owned. I built their website around their restaurant's interior [...]

Mexican Cuisine Restaurant 2017-12-27T21:03:53+00:00

Musician Website

This site was created for a local musician, who travels nationally opening up for some pretty big acts in the electronic music scene. I listened [...]

Musician Website 2017-01-04T04:06:08+00:00

Lifechange Services

Mind, body and soul enlightenment services. This client wanted the ability to add her practitioners to her site, along with their bio's, website addresses, etc. [...]

Lifechange Services 2017-12-27T21:03:52+00:00

Asphalt and Concrete Contractor Site

I recently launched this website for an Asphalt and Concrete contractor out of Loveland, Colorado. I revised their logo, created a new design for the [...]

Asphalt and Concrete Contractor Site 2017-12-27T21:03:52+00:00

Database Developer Website

This website was developed for a Denver client who focuses on Microsoft Access Database development. She purchased her domain (megalo.com) way back in 1989, and [...]

Database Developer Website 2017-12-27T21:03:53+00:00